dimanche 16 décembre 2007

GNOME Do + Banshee = Goodness!

Since some time now, I'm absolutely in love with GNOME Do.
Basically, it's Deskbar-Applet but with much more eye-candy - and I love that :)

A Rhythmbox plugin is available but I use Banshee on this computer so I had no other choice than to write an plugin for it :P

The thing is heavily based on the Rhythmbox Addin and has the same "browse" feature.
The obligatory screenshot:

The code is available here. Maybe I will set up a bzr branch for it.

The - normally cross-platform - compiled DLL is available. Just drop this file in your ~/.do/addins directory and restart gnome-do to use it.
Comments/Bug reports are welcome.

PS: Since I'm also a QuodLibet fan, a QuodLibet plugin should follow.

Update 01/07/2008: As of today, Gnome-Do's trunk branch in Launchpad requires new versions of plugins. I just built a new version of the DLL compatible with the trunk. You will find the updated source code and the compiled DLL in my bzr branch on Launchpad (click on "Browse Code" on the left to access the files).
Important: You must put the new Banshee.dll file in your ~/.do/plugins directory - not in ~/.do/addins.

Update 02/16/2008: The Banshee plugin is now merged in the official do-plugins branch. You can get the code from here and build it yourself. Or wait a little for it to be packaged and available in a distribution near your :)