jeudi 7 août 2008

Least privilege security myth

Today, the Linux Hater made my day by busting one more Linux Security myth:

[On Linux,] users created on the system are not administrators, so system-wide security vulnerabilities introduced through the user and highly improbable. Antivirus software, as well as software needed to remove malware, spyware, etc. is not needed, as the security design behind the operating system does not let this software grow beyond the user’s home directory.

Thank God! My rogue script only deleted my home directory! I'm so happy it spared my /usr/lib! I just have to reinstall Ubuntu to get my home directory back, right?

mardi 10 juin 2008

Cool Software

Sorry but... this software is too cool for you.

Sorry but this software is too cool for you

vendredi 23 mai 2008

GNOME Do says « Woof! »

Here at the office, I have the chance and the pleasure to work with my great friend Vincent.
Of course, we often need to be able to quickly share files or folders with each other. And it sucks.
It's really a shame but we're in 2008 and sending a file to someone on the local network is still a PITA.

Here comes Woof.
Woof (Web Offer One File) is a single-python-file webserver that will happily serve - just one time (or more) - a file or a folder on a random port.
It's a quick and easy way to share files with other people in the same room.

I was pretty happy with it, but Vincent is lazy, saying that having to open a terminal, starting and then copy/pasting the URL to someone was too much...

Ok. fine. Here comes GNOME Do...

Woof plugin for GNOME Do
With this plugin, you will be able to quickly send any file or folder to any Pidgin contact present on your local network. It will automatically send the URL to your contact :

Pidgin window

Better, you don't even need to have Woof installed for it to work.

For more information head to:

Now, like Vincent, you can enjoy a better and healthier life too thanks to GNOME Do:

Vincent, an happy Woof user.