jeudi 29 mars 2007

Last class

Mardi j'ai donné mon dernier cours à l'université de HEBUT.

To 范晓苑, 王鑫, 吴正哲, 付世凯, 郭晖, 杨寅佳, 赵倩, 吴爱华, to others I don't remember the name (I'm really sorry) and more generally to all HEBUT PS1 and PS2 students:

Thank you for everything!
It was a great pleasure for me to meet you and to give you courses. Maybe we'll meet again, who knows?
In any case, if you ever come to Paris, let me know :)
See you!

And many thanks to 晓苑 for this nice drawing and to 鑫 for the CDs:

To those I forgot the name, could you please add your name in my pictures' comments? Like this one.

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a dit…

We are glad to see you too.
Happy to hear what did you say...hihi.
Bon vayager!!!