vendredi 6 avril 2007

Behai Park

Yesterday, I spent the day in two beautiful parks: the Behai park and the Jingshan park.

Both parks are located just behind the forbidden city.
The Behai park is the bigger of the two and seems to be a mini-sized version of the Summer Palace.
To ensure me lots of happiness this year I rang three times the bell present in the Yong'an shrine.

While I was visiting the Behai park I stumbled upon a guy who was doing water calligraphy with a big pencil. The (chinese) audience was watching him draw the characters with attention. Apparently, what the guy was saying was very interesting. They were even laughing at some times, just because the guy had added a dot or a line somewhere...

Water Calligraphy

I was really frustrated not to be able to understand a single word of his speech...

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