mardi 3 avril 2007

Forbidden City

So today I went to the Forbidden City. It was amazing... But it's so big!
I stayed there for the whole day and I wasn't able to see everything. So I suppose I have to come back another day :P

Besides, the automatic audioguide is really a good idea. This thing is able to automatically detect where you are and to play the correct audio comment.

Since I woke up too late for the breakfast this morning, I bought delicious Chinese sweets on my way to the Tian'Anmen square.

Yes, sweet heart, maybe I can bring some back for you if I find a shop like this in Shangai :)

The evening I went to see a Beijing Opera. It was just fantastic. The singing part is very special but the acrobatic scene were really amazing. And the costumes... And the make-up... Amazing.
I love how the characters are moving according to the rhythm of the percussions.
I'm really impressed by the actors because the have to master singing, dancing and kung-fu...

As usual, here is a small video:

3 commentaires:

Brice DEKANY a dit…

Y'a personne!! C'est tout vide.
Quele chance.

senan a dit…

I'll always be amazed by your ability to taste anything and everything!^^But I guess you don't have much choice anyway...
Video quality is improving again. Congratulations
Ps: I envy you :S
Ps2:"c'est pas mal" is not a comment...(salty,bitter,sweet are)^^
Ps3: 599$ (just kidding)

Athrun a dit…

If I was to not taste what I don't know, I would not eat often here :)